Esteel srl has a technical office organized so as to ensure the final design and detail of the works that were commissioned. Each realization is performed in all its phases.
From pre sizing and processing of the drawings, to the realization in the workshop.


The technical department responds to requests creative with excellent results of Architects, sometimes eccentric, thanks to the expertise, attention to detail and above all by implementing quality control procedures designed to ensure a high level of precision.

Esteel srl is a Company with different specializations. For each of them there in a professional technical team prepared, properly qualified who continually participate in refresher courses and responds with experience and expertise to the questions asked by our customers.

Structural engineers, civil engineers containment energy experts, architects, surveyors and industrial experts, studying the order analytically paying a complementary service verification and processing of executive projects.

Offers a variety of solutions for the design and installation of the building, starting from simple frame structures to the implementation of specific projects for the construction of special buildings.
Working with Esteel srl means sharing a great value which the thirty years’experience in the construction of steel structures in combination with integrated solutions for building envelope, roofs of light and transparent architecture.



The production plant is equipped with equipment allowing the application of innovative techniques for the realization of more complex every detail of the work.
The same coverage of the system was made precisely with spatial trusses, reaching 45 meters ...