Through the metallic carpentry, Esteel srl manufactures steel, stainless steel and COR-TEN structures of various shapes and sizes for architectural, infrastructure and urban furnishing complexes.
The Company manufactures metal structures for skyscrapers, metal walkways, safety scaffolds, trusses, reticulated beams, industrial plants and spatial geodetic structures.
It is organized to answer with "turnkey" solutions to the most diverse architectural requirements with skilled technicians and specialized manpower.
Our work is born out of the passion of creating complex architectural works with high technological content.
Our technical staff, made up of engineers and industry professionals, guarantees a product in line with seismic and fire protection regulations, providing adequate customer support from the design phase to the installation and certification stage.
The Company assists the customer up to static testing by delivering the structural design project as well.
Quality, professionalism and experience are made available to our customers to ensure a reliable and aesthetically pleasing product.



The roofings represent the "crowning" of the architectural configuration of the building's wrap: they draw attention from a great distance and at the same time create pleasant and extremely bright environments.
With the variety of systems adopted, Esteel srl manufactures glass covers in the most varied geometries.
The adopted systems allow you to create customized roofing that fully meet any uncompromising design requirement for architects or designers.
A reality that applies to both the structure of the home porch and the large windows of modern shopping malls.
Esteel srl also specializes in the supply and installation of thermal roofing and ventilated roofs.


Strutture in Acciaio

Steel has a leading role in both civil and industrial construction and in the consolidation of the supporting structures of monumental buildings.
Durability, corrosion and fire resistance, mechanical characteristics and lack of maintenance over time, as well as the ever-present need for environmental sustainability and environmental control both in industrial processes and constructions , have placed steel at the top of the list of materials be used.
It is no coincidence that designers, architects and technicians, always in search of new forms and "freedom" of space, have exalted the use of steel in modern buildings in recent years, limiting the bulk of the structures and expanding the interior lights.


Strutture Spaziali

Space structures have aroused an ever-growing interest in the construction world, especially for the advantages they have in comparison with classical linear systems; If they are well designed, they are considerably economical.
Thanks to the prefabrication and the standardization process of the constituent elements, the cost of the works is diminished, the works on site are simplified and are completed more quickly.
Space structures can be applied both for the coverage of a small room and for one stadium.


Travature Reticolari

Esteel srl realizes reticular beams with profiles both open and closed and is organized with means and resources for the installation of the artifacts using its own staff, assisted by its own design team.
The reticular beam is a structure made up of a set of complanar rods (beams) bound to the knots so as to form a resistant and indeformable element. It has its origins from the need to employ increasingly lightweight structures to overcome ever greater lights.



Esteel srl manufactures gangway for overcoming large lights or more simply to solve access and distribution problems at various levels.
The design of aluminum-lined gangways and set with glass and stainless steel parapets are an opportunity for architects to create their creativity and match it with the functionality of the building. Thanks to the versatility of steel, it is possible to think of articulated shapes that develop in the space beyond the boundaries of reinforced concrete constructions.
In addition, the rich collection of surface treatments allows industry professionals to match steel to any construction material.



Esteel srl is specialized in the production of metal stairs for indoor and outdoor use.
The company's technical study is able to assist professional studies in the design of spiral staircases, helical, linear or composite ramps. The stairs are built according to the "turnkey" formula, following in detail the design specifications of the customer.
The stairs we produce, in addition to adapting to the applicable safety and fire regulations, are accompanied by adequate project documentation. For each production process and for every manufactured item, documented controls are carried out with appropriate reports accompanying the calculation report.