The coating is the most exterior layer applied to a vertical structure of a building to give it an adequate resistance to mechanical stress and chemical and atmospheric aggression, as well as aesthetic finishing.



The Reynobond is a multilayer panel made of two aluminum alloy sheets, both of a thickness of 0.5 mm, glued to a core of polyethylene (LDPE). Adherence is achieved through a dual chemical and mechanical action, which gives an extraordinary resistance to delamination.
They are particularly suitable for the interior renovation and the for the realization facades both of newly constructed buildings and of buildings to be repaired.
It is coated with a high performance polyester lacquer resistant to UV and weather and is highly corrosion-resistant.
Reynobond is available in a wide range of standard and complementary colors and with various bright and satin finishing programs.
It is possible to add a photosensitive catalyst to the panel that together with the sunlight forms free radicals that destroy organic matter and dirt particles while creating an extremely hydrophilic surface.
Already with small amounts of rain or dew, the polluting agents decomposed slip away from the building leaving the façade clean while preserving its beauty and thus eliminating maintenance costs.



The Cor-Ten, also known as coated steel, has as its main characteristic the self-protection of electrochemical corrosion by the formation of a compact passivating surface formed by the oxides of its alloy elements, such as to prevent the progressive extension of corrosion.

This film varies over time, usually having a brown color.


Ceramici e Lapidei

Natural stone is considered a valuable material to customize the exterior facades of buildings, because it is the one that resists the stresses produced by the atmospheric agents.

The realization of these coatings requires careful design that defines the materials to be used, the dimensions, the surface finishes and the junction types of the panels.



The Ondulit system guarantees the production of reliable and durable coatings, high levels of thermoacoustic comfort, remarkable mechanical strength and easy installation.
The versatility of the multilayer system and the wide range of surface finishes allows you to choose the composition of the covering panels according to your specific requirements.



Microforated sheet metal is an ideal solution for many applications thanks to their customization from the material point of view (Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Pre-painted, etc.) as well as perforation (pattern).
They can act as sunscreens on a glazed surface or visually enhance a wall or divide different environments.



Stainless steels are iron alloys and carbon that combine the mechanical properties typical of carbon steels with peculiar characteristics of corrosion resistance. They have the ability to resist corrosion in the presence of alloy elements that can passivate, that is to cover an invisible oxide layer of a thickness of just a few atomic layers that protects the underlying metal from the action of the external chemical agents.

Excellent corrosion resistance; Easy cleaning and excellent hygienic coefficient; easily machinable, forged and weldable.


Zinco Titanio

Zinc Titanium is a titanium and copper alloy, which guarantees high quality performance, especially in the building and architectural environment.
It is naturally corrosion-resistant, extremely durable and does not entail any maintenance costs.
The flexibility, malleability and versatility of titanium zinc, combined with aesthetically pleasing appearance, make this alloy the right material for every type of design, from commercial complex to individual home, from public to private, allowing you to adapt even in complex forms.