Esteel srl is a Company qualified for the execution of the works not only steel but also for construction and for plant engineering works. We are, therefore, a construction
company with a special arrangement for the works in steel and glass.
After the acquisition of the brand “SAFAS”, the Group has all the skills to design and develop real estate projects.
The Group has made also important and significant interventions in the public sphere getting high certifications and classifications SOA enabling the acquisition of high-level contracts and transforming the Group into an Enterprise General Building.

Our clients can take advantage of a complete service and service to final design until the execution of the interior fittings. The space, colors, transparencies, wrappers are our passion, our expertise, our work.
Through the metal carpentry, Esteel srl. manufactures steel structures, stainless steel and COR-TEN of different shapes and sizes for architectural complexes, for infrastructure and for street furniture.

The Company is organized to respond with solutions "turnkey" to the diverse architectural requirements with qualified technicians and skilled labor.
Our work comes from the passion to create architectural complex with high technological content.
Any investment is targeted to the acquisition of machinery with high efficiency and versatility to meet the needs of a growing market and for the construction of buildings increasingly articulated.

Designers, architects and engineers, always looking for new forms and answers to the needs of ductility and "freedom" of the spaces have exalted, in recent years, the use of steel in modern construction, making it possible to limit the encumbrance structures, and expanding the interior lights.


Esteel srl ahead of its time, and is concerned to combine energy efficiency and energy production.
Today, the building envelopes produced by us, not only save, but also to produce energy in excess of that required by the unit construction.
In this way, the Company is sensitive to the problem of dependence on fossil fuels, and is specialized in this innovative production.
The will of the Company and to help achieve public buildings energy self-sufficient and to extend the experience in the near future also to private buildings.

Hence the need to integrate the systems of solar energy production with the building envelope, using advanced techniques for maximum results with minimum economic impact.
The Company and attentive to the needs of an expanding market, competitive and selective in which the experience, technology, passion for the product and the attention to the high quality standards make the difference.


With the adoption of the current quality system, the company aims to meet the company's internal needs with particular reference:

  • to reduce waste of production and consequently reduce non-quality costs;
  • to maximize corporate profits and consequently the opportunity to invest on instrumental and technological resources useful for the plant of production;
  • to the standardization of processing processes of the raw material resulting in the obtaining of quality products of constant quality;
  • to the rationalization of steel processing processes, resulting in production improved of semi-finished and finished products;
  • introduction of product quality certification mechanisms with product warranties.

SOA Classificatios

In phase of update

OG 1 V
Edifici civili ed industriali
Restauro e manut. dei beni immobili sottoposti a tutela
Impianti Tecnologici
Impianti elettromeccanici trasportatori
OS 6 V
Finiture di opere generali
Finiture di opere generali di natura edile e tecnica
Opere di impermeabilizazzione
OS 21 I
Opere strutturali speciali
OS 23 II
Demolizione di opere
Impianti termici e di condizionamento
Impianti interni elettrici, telefonici, radio, e televisivi
OS 32 II
Strutture in legno
Componenti strutturali in acciaio
OS 18-B V
Componenti per facciate continue


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ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

BS OHSAS 18001:2007

EN 1090-1:2009 / A1:2011